HU (with integrated AU) in cooperation with authorized testing organizations

The examinations required by law are carried out in cooperation with a recognized testing organization.
Register your vehicle, we will take care of the rest. Of course you will also receive your environmental badge from us!

Air Conditioning Service

A regular check of the air conditioning ensures that all components are working properly. This protects against expensive subsequent repairs. Because a lack of refrigerant can lead to costly compressor damage. Too little refrigerant also increases fuel consumption, as the compressor has to be in operation more often and for longer to cool the interior.
Therefore, have the air conditioning checked at least once a year.
Use the air conditioning competence of our workshop! We check the tightness, system pressures and cooling performance of the vehicle air conditioning system.
Ask our team for a climate check!


We carry out the professional inspection of your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Your manufacturer’s guarantee is retained for new and young vehicles. Our trained specialists only use spare parts in OEM quality from leading brand manufacturers for the inspection. Because these stand for quality and safety. We also enter your vehicle in the digital service record. So that the manufacturer is also informed about the maintenance certificate.

Bodywork and painting work

Regardless of whether it is accident repairs, bodywork or restoration, we are at your side with our workshop as a reliable partner.
If you have had an accident, we will repair your car professionally so that nothing can be seen of the vehicle damage.

We fix paint damage or problems with the body in a cost-effective and professional manner, so that you can continue driving with pleasure and a clear conscience.

We are happy to take over the bulging of small and large sheet metal damage, as well as welding work and the reconstruction of body parts. Of course, we also work with original parts in this area.

Processing of insurance claims
We would be happy to handle your accident damage directly with your insurance company.

Wheel and Tires

So that you are always safe on the road and optimally equipped, we change your seasonal tires according to the season.
Tires are your direct contact with the road and are crucial for safety! We check the condition and tread depth and advise you on the selection of new tires.

Chassis Technology​

The chassis of your car naturally has to withstand high demands and loads. The weight of the car rests on it and there are constant vibrations and shocks from the ground.
If you need repairs on your chassis, the best thing to do is to contact caroobi. At the latest when your car can no longer be steered as usual or you notice rattling noises on uneven road surfaces, it is high time to repair your chassis.

Axis Measurement

Does your car behave unfamiliarly in the corners? Is there play in the steering or is it no longer in lane? With a state-of-the-art, electronic wheel alignment device, we measure the toe and camber of your vehicle. This is how we recognize broken shock absorbers and can correctly adjust the axle geometry again.

Computer Diagnosis

The technology and electronics of modern vehicles are becoming more and more complex.
We have the latest technical information, state-of-the-art, high-quality testing technology and are technically up-to-date thanks to ongoing training.

Vehicle electronics

Whether lighting, car radio, loudspeakers, headlights, window lifters or ABS security systems – a modern car is full of complex electronics.
Despite all its reliability, the electrics of cars occasionally fail. With a bit of luck, it’s just a blown fuse and it’s easy to fix. Because of their versatility, it is better to leave electronics repairs to a professional who can identify the problem and safely resolve it.

Auto Glass Repair

We exchange your front, side or rear window in OEM quality.